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1-3 month-old



Entering the world is a massive adjustment for your little one! Remember that every little bit of interaction, every noise, every smell and every sight, is incredibly stimulating for your baby in the first few months as they get used to the big wide world.

The world can be an exhausting new home for 1 month-olds, as new-borns spend most of their time eating and sleeping. You can help them adjust by limiting activities to the daytime, and keeping night time dark, quiet and boring. Eventually they will (hopefully) realise that day time is for playing and night time is for sleeping.

By 2 months you will finally start to see some smiles, baby will be able to focus on your face, and their hand and leg movements will be less jerky. Hopefully you will start to feel like a human again and less like a 24-hour milk and nappy machine! They will be able to follow objects with their eyes and hold their head up while on their tummy!


Around 3 months, your baby’s hearing, language and sense of sight and smell are becoming more and more receptive. They will start to recognise your voice and might even respond with some very rewarding gurgling noises or smiles. Interaction is especially important at this stage and research has shown that speaking to them extensively has significantly positive results in their development.


Here are some simple DIY Developmental activities which you can do with your 1-3 month-old baby:


  • Outdoor time- Lying in the garden or by a sunny window, catching five minutes of natural vitamin D each day, is a great way for baby to begin exploring their new home outside of the womb.

  • Tummy time- From around one month old, start putting baby on their tummy on a flat firm surface. Sit or lie down next to baby and talk to them or shake a rattle while they strengthen their core muscles. (Many babies will not enjoy this at first, so don’t worry if there are a few tears in the beginning.) Start with just 2 minutes morning and afternoon and increase it from there! Remember to never leave your baby unattended during tummy time.

  • Tummy time on mummy/ daddy- Put baby on your chest and sing and chat to them to encourage them to lift their head.

  • Tummy time on a firm surface- shake a rattle or lie on your tummy on the floor (head to head) and face them! Remember to never leave your baby unattended during tummy time.

  • Bouncy chair or play mat- arrange it in an area with natural light and fresh air. Encourage baby to kick and stretch.

  • Walks in the garden/ outdoors. Stimulate all baby’s senses with the sounds, smells and sights of the great outdoors!

  • Black and White images- print out simple patterns in black and white, baby will enjoy staring at them and practise focussing his or her eyes. Hang these next to his/ her cot or changing mat.

  • A mobile- hang some toys or a baby mobile above their cot or play area. Blow on the objects to allow them to move and sway. Baby will love following the movements.

Vitamin D time
5 minutes of natural sunlight and fresh air.
Tummy Time
4 week old baby doing her daily 2-5 minutes of monitored tummy time.
Hanging mobile
Day time stimulation watching the movements of a mobile.
Tummy time on mom
1-3 month-old baby tummy time on a parent or adult.
Black & white patterns
1-3 month old baby practising focusing on black and white patterned pictures.
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