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7-9 month-old




7 months, and your life is about to become very busy as your baby learns to sit confidently, pick up toys, scoot and maybe even start to crawl. Place objects just out of their reach to entice them to reach, roll and move. Find plenty of opportunities to encourage baby’s mobility, curiosity and creativity. With his or her newfound independence, you will start to see their own unique little personality starting to shine forth!

By 8 months your baby will be getting more and more curious about the world around them as they become more and more aware of their environment. They are able to manipulate toys and pick up small objects with a more controlled pincer grasp. They explore objects by banging them, shaking them, rolling them… and of course chewing them!

At 9 months your baby is mobile, vocal and adventurous! Your baby is most likely busy exploring all the little nooks and crannies in your home. More and more their little personality will be developing as they curiously make new discoveries each day. Make sure to keep their environment fun, stimulating and give them lots of opportunities to explore. It’s also time to baby proof your home and surroundings! Remember to ensure their safety at all times and to keep sharp items, electrical cords and small objects out of reach.


Here are some simple DIY Developmental activities which you can do with your 7-9 month-old baby:

  • Shakers- dried beans, rice, sand, stones, pasta, oats, sugar in Tupperware containers Place dried goods in Tupperware or empty bottles. Allow baby to explore the different sound they make.

  • Water on a tray. Place some water on a shallow tray on the floor. Lie baby on their tummy and allow them to splash the water with their hands or feet. (NB: never leave your child unattended with water!)

  • Bedroom mirror Place your baby in front of a large full length mirror, either on their tummy, or sitting. Watch as they try to communicate with their little clone!

  • Picnicking Bring the highchair outside into the garden. Eating is even more fun in the sunshine!

  • Pipe cleaners in basket weave some pipe cleaners through the holes of a basket. Once baby can sit, give them the decorated basket and watch as they pull the pipe-cleaners out of the loops.

  • Drumming- wooden spoons, metal spoons, pots, baking tins Sit your baby amongst a variety of pots and pans from your kitchen cupboards. Take a spoon yourself and join in the drumming fun!

  • Coloured water in bottles fill empty water bottles half full with coloured water. Add sequins, glitter, buttons and beads. Allow baby to roll and shake the pretty bottles.

  • Foil dishes, water, toys on a beach towel indoors Fill some foil dishes with a shallow layer of water. Place baby and the dishes on a beach towel. Allow them to splash and play with the shiny and sparkly foil water!

  • Stickers on back of couch Cut simple shapes out of coloured contact paper. Stick it loosely at various heights onto the back of your couch. Encourage baby to sit, stand and stretch as they collect all the stickers. Continue this activity beyond 10 months! One of Paige’s all-time favourites for sure!

  • Pipe cleaner in box Poke holes in the bottom of an empty fruit box. Thread pipe cleaners through the holes and encourage baby to pull them all the way through! Celebrate with them by clapping and cheering with each extracted pipe-cleaner!

  • Cream pots Convert empty cream pots (fellow allergy moms you will be at an advantage here) into stacking toys. Decorate them with coloured contact paper or simply stack them as they are!

  • Story time Although your baby is not able to speak yet, do not underestimate the importance of daily story-time!

  • Magnets- get some large magnets (too big to fit in their mouth) and stick them on the fridge. Baby will have fun pulling them off!

  • Sponge brushes and water- give your baby some sponge brushes and a tray of water (or give them the brushes at bath time). Watch as they suck the water off the sponge, paint themselves, and wet the furniture around them!

  • Hide and seek! As soon as your baby is crawling, they will enjoy (endless) games of hide and seek. Watch as they soon discover all your hiding places with ease.


Pots & Pans Band
Surround baby in an array of pots pans and utensils. Join them in some noisy music making!
Indoor Beach
Pour some water in foil dishes. Allow baby to explore and splash the shiny water!
Pretty Bottles
Fill bottles with coloured water, glitter, buttons, sequins and small toys. Use as a shaker or roll on the floor.
Sticker Game
Stick pretty contact paper on the back of the couch. Your baby will enjoy stretching and standing to retrieve all the stickers.
Bedroom Mirror
Place your baby infront of a large full length mirror while they play. They will enjoy the company of their little clone-friend!
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