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Ok stop rolling your eyes…

I know what you’re thinking.

Here we go again… yet another newly-discovered-full-time-stay-at-home-mom with nothing better to do. She’s starting a blog, blabbing about her kids, giving marriage advice, telling me about her domesticated life and inundating me with photos of her healthy home-cooked dinners.


Not interested.

I totally get you, but I’m asking you to just hear me out anyways…

I am Lydia. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a teacher. I am a writer. I am a friend. I am slightly crazy. I am shit scared to expose my personal life to the world. Oh yes, and I believe that an ice cold G&T can solve most problems really quickly. (takes a big sip)

Paige is my inspiration. She is the one who made me a mother. (sip) She is the one who turned my world completely upside down, sucked the life out of me (literally, breastfeeding does that), deprived me of sleep and cake and chocolate and ice-cream. (Sip. Sip. Sip) She is the one who changed me for the better.

My goal is to encourage, excite, uplift and inspire you through Paige’s Pages. If you don’t feel any of these things when you finish reading, then I will politely thank you for your time, (sip) and encourage you to grab a glass, fill it with some gin, and come back in an hour or so anyways. (Sip. Sip.)

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