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DIY Development


Entering the world is a massive adjustment for your little one! Remember that every little bit of interaction, every noise, every smell and every sight, is incredibly stimulating for your baby in the first few months as they get used to the big wide world.

1-3 month-old



By 4 months, your baby is becoming more and more clever with their hands and will start to use them to hold a toy or shake a rattle. Anything and everything they manage to pick up will most likely go straight to their mouth as tasting is one of the ways in which they explore their world.

4-6 month old



7 months, and your life is about to become very busy as your baby learns to sit confidently, pick up toys, scoot and start to crawl. Place objects just out of their reach to entice them to reach, roll and move. Find plenty of opportunities to encourage baby’s mobility, curiosity and creativity.

7-9 month-old



10-12 month-old


At 10 months you may be amazed by how fast your little growing and changing and becoming a more independent little human who can get to where they like, play and communicate with you. Your baby will start to recognise their toys and might even have a favourite book or stuffed animal or song!

Child with a Bear

13-15 month old


To be continued and updated when Paige reaches this age....

Toddler in Christmas Tree Farm

16-18 month-old


To be continued and updated when Paige reaches this age...

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